Preparing for your first visit

Going to the doctor can be scary for children, but not knowing why they are being seen can be even scarier. 

We suggest you use this sample dialogue to prepare your child for his/her visit.

We strongly encourage you to bring only the child being evaluated for the initial assessment.  

Pathways Developmental Pediatrics Clinic Space

Pathways Developmental Pediatrics Clinic Space

The initial developmental assessment

Part 1: Evaluation- 60 min.

  • We will review all reports and information provided to us as well as ask additional background information and discuss concerns.
  • Your child will have a full neurobehavioral evaluation as well as any needed standardized tests specific to your concern area.
  • If any additional tests are required for assessment, they will be recommended at this time.

Part 2: Feedback Session- 30 Minutes

  • This session is just for parents and caregivers.
  • Findings and diagnoses from part one of the evaluation will be discussed. 
  • Dr. Frazier will outline treatment recommendations as well as place any necessary referrals.
  • You will be provided a written summary of your child's developmental evaluation and treatment plan.

Pathways Developmental Pediatrics waiting room magnet wall and play space

Pathways Developmental Pediatrics waiting room magnet wall and play space

Follow-up appointments are individualized to your needs

  • Follow-up frequency varies, and is specific to the needs of each child.   

To ensure a complete evaluation:

We want you to get the most out of your visit.  

Light table fun

Light table fun

Please be sure to bring completed forms as well as copies of previous evaluations such as IEPs, therapy reports, education and psychological testing to your appointment.  

It is no longer required that forms be provided prior to your scheduled appointment.

All information will be reviewed at the time of your appointment. 

We respect your time, and strive to keep waiting room times to a minimum.  Please remember to add in extra time for and traffic and possible wrong turns.

We use a "therapist model" in our clinic.  Meaning, there is a certain time dedicated for each visit.  If circumstances cause you to arrive late, your visit may be truncated to ensure the patients following are seen at their scheduled appointment time.  Additionally, we will schedule follow-up appointments when more needs to be discussed or evaluated beyond your scheduled appointment time.