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In order to meet the needs of patients, we schedule only a few months in advance.  We are currently booked for Initial Visits until March, and would welcome you to check back December 14th to schedule this appointment type.  We appreciate your patience and are honored to be considered for your child's care.


Steps for scheduling an appointment:

  • Select your desired appointment type.

  • During the online booking, you will be asked to place a credit card for the amount shown on hold. This will be charged in the event you do not show up for your appointment, or you cancel less than 48 hours prior to your appointment time, or by 11am on Friday for Monday appointments. The credit card stored will also be used to cover co-pays and visit fees as outlined in our financial policy.

  • Accepted Insurances: Tricare, as well as commercial (non-Medicaid): Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Optima, and United Healthcare plans. We urge you to contact your insurance provider to have a better understanding of what is covered by your specific plan. CPT codes are outlined in our Fee Schedule.

  • Upload a copy of your health insurance card: During the online booking process, you will also be required to upload a copy of the front and back of your health insurance card. We use Point of Service (POS) billing at this practice. More information on POS can be found in the FAQs below.

  • Initial Visits:

    • Initial visits are separated into two parts. Part 1: The Developmental Assessment, Part 2: Feedback Session.

    • Please schedule Parts 1 and 2 for separate days, ensuring they are spaced about a week or less apart.

    • Please access the "Welcome Packet" under the Forms tab on this website. This contains important instructions and questionnaires which need to be completed so that you receive the most from your upcoming visit.

  • Transfer of Care from Richmond Practice:

    • If your child has been seen by Dr. Frazier at her Richmond location, and you would like to receive ongoing care, we are glad you found us!

    • Please schedule an appointment for "Transfer of Care from Dr. Frazier's Richmond Practice."

    • Please also access the "Transfer to Pathways" welcome packet under the Forms tab. Please bring completed forms to your scheduled appointment.

We want to get to know your child well.  Initial visits are separated into two sessions:

Appointments are fun

Part 1- Developmental Assessment: 

Generally lasting 60 minutes, this includes review of all questionnaires and previous evaluations, parent and child interview, neurodevelopmental exam, standardized developmental testing, physical exam, and structured behavioral observation.

Part 2- Feedback Session:

Diagnoses and information from the assessment are reviewed with parents without their child present.  A treatment plan is also outlined and parents are provided with a written report of the visit.  

Benefits of having two separate sessions:

We know coming to the doctor requires scheduling changes and juggling on your part.  We've found that most children are ready to go after 60 minutes of an assessment.  Having a separate, parent only feedback session also allows for open discussion of any findings without little ears being exposed to terminology we may wish to share in a different way.  It also allows for parents to ask questions freely without distraction.  

Appointment Scheduling FAQs

I don't see an opening for the appointment type I need.  Why is that? 
Appointments are scheduled only a few months in advance.  If your appointment type is not available, please check back for openings next month.

What appointment type should I schedule? 

  • If you are new to this practice, and have never been seen by Dr. Frazier, please schedule Initial Visits Part 1 and Part 2.

  • If you have been seen by Dr. Frazier at her Richmond practice, but haven't yet established care at this practice, please schedule a Transfer to Pathways appointment.

  • If you would like to speak with Dr. Frazier about your child, without your child present, please schedule a Part 2 Initial Visit appointment.

  • For routine follow-up, please schedule a Follow-up appointment.

Should my child see you?
This question is best answered by your child's PCP.  Dr. Frazier is unable to provide medical advice or recommendations for your child if she/he has not been seen at this practice.  

What will the visit cost me?
Please access the Fee Schedule under the Financials section of this website.  You may contact your insurance company with the CPT codes listed to see what your out of pocket expenses will be.  If you do not have insurance, or you have an insurance which is not in network at this practice, you will be responsible for the fee-for-service rates.

Do you offer a sliding scale or payment plans?
Unfortunately, insurance companies do not allow this practice to offer a sliding scale.  Because this practice has limited support staff, we are unable to provide payment plans.

Can you place me on a cancellation list for care?
We no longer keep a cancellation or waiting list for care at this practice.  By scheduling only a few months in advance, cancellations are rare.  When a cancellation does occur, it will be available online. 

What is Point of Service billing?
We use “Point of Service” billing at this practice, which means that, we require payment in full for visits when you are seen. 

What does this really mean? Typically patients pay a co-pay at office visits, insurance is then processed, which can take 2-3 months, and then patients are notified that the remaining balance is due.  This can lead to frustration because patients receive a bill months after their visit, making it feel like a bit of a surprise, and also making it difficult to budget.  With Point of Service billing, we will process your insurance on your visit date.  

Some frequently asked questions about POS billing:

I am required to leave a credit card as I schedule this visit, does that mean that I am being charged for my visit now?  No, it does not.  Your credit card is only used to ensure a timely cancellation of your visit (if needed) and as a payment option for future appointments. You will only be charged for your visit if/when you arrive at your appointment and you are seen. 

Can you tell me what I will owe ahead of time?: We provide you with the CPT codes under the Fee Schedule located on this website.  Because every patient has a different negotiated amount with his/her insurance company, and out of pocket costs vary based on deductibles, we can only notify you of your cost at the time of your visit. You, however, may estimate what you will owe using the Fee Schedule and calling your insurance provider. 

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